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Excellent course, teaches more than Japanese for Travelling. Teaches Japanese that you would actually use to talk with some one. Not just how much or where something is. (Paul / private course)

Overall, fantastic, greatly exceeded my expectations. The teacher is extremely good, and I think we are all learning very well. (Sean / group course)

I love my Japanese class. In our small group, we have a heap of fun but still manage to learn what we need to each week. The class is totally interactive and there is no hiding out in the back, with only 4 people in the class. It means you have a lot of incentive to keep up each week. (Jo-Ann / group course)

Classes are conducted at a comfortable pace and interactively fun at the same time. Though Japanese language is said it’s one of the most difficult languages to learn, it is taught in such a way that it is enjoyable to learn. (Grace / group course)


I wanted to learn Japanese so I could take my family to Japan. I had no idea how much I would enjoy the class. I am a Primary School teacher but these classes have really impressed me with the detailed organisation and mix of DVD, CD and constant oral input. The course is very well planned and constantly revises previously covered concepts and building on these. The class are very small and personal. I would highly recommend YUME JAPANESE. (Jane /group course)


I thoroughly enjoyed my time with YUME JAPANESE. After 3 terms and I am very keen to keep going. The teacher is patient and does not press me hard when I struggled but was happy to backtrack to keep me progressing. Flexible times allowed for me to continue despite other engagements for which I am also grateful. I will keep coming back until I am fluent as its an enjoyable experience here. (Fredrick/ private course)

Class are interesting and fun as the same group setting provides an interactive experience between the teacher and students to practice the language. The teacher is experienced and knowledgeable and she tries to incorporate many “real” Japanese in the classroom to make the classes are lively and relevant (Andrew / group course)

YUME JAPANESE offers well-organised lessons, which allow students to practice speaking, reading and writing simultaneously. The teacher is competent and motivated. Students get many opportunities to practice speaking in class and it is a worthwhile learning experience! (Noelle / group course)

This course is good for anyone who wants to learn Japanese. It’s good for people learning it for business, travel or to learn a second language. I am a Japanese major and I find my classes at YUME JAPANESE really help me with my University degree. (Kate / private course)

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