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YUME means DREAM in Japanese.

Learning Japanese can make your dreams come true. We are excited to meet new students and help you to work on the dreams together.
  Qualified Teacher

Yuko Umeda is the teacher of YUME JAPANESE with over 10 years of teaching experience at high schools in Japan.

She also has the qualification to teach Japanese as a foreign language and has been giving Japanese lessons in Perth since 2005.

She leads students to acquire Japanese in all levels  from beginner to advance.

Comfortable Classroom

YUME JAPANESE has a private classroom. It is small but well-equipped and comfortable. 

You always can concentrate on learning Japanese in the relaxing atmosphere.

It is only 5 minutes walk from Subiaco station.

The Latest Materials

It is very important what kind of materials is used in the class. The latest and effective materials are selected depends on your level.

In the class, the textbook and many teaching materials are used and you can talk about the latest topic. 

Recently, there are many effective websites and mobile phone apps. They are good tools to combine with the lessons. 

Tadoku Club
Students Community

* We do not offer lessons for children or high school students.

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